igrosoft games

Any casino player in Russia during the early parts of 2000 is sure to know Igrosoft. The popularity of its games is also why the company decided to make an online version of the slot games.

The company never made any new games apart from the 20 video slot ones they released.

All of them also look old when compared to new slots.

But there is a cult following to their games recently, especially when it became one of the Bitcoin casino software providers.

The company has been developing land-based casino games for a decade and a half. At some point in time, they even made video games for family use and not for gambling.

For the whole decade since 2000, Igrosoft continued to make slots and family-friendly games.

When the country had a large boom in the gaming industry market, the company decided to work on video slots for online casinos.

By 2011, it already made slots for online and live casinos.

Igrosoft games follow the country’s rules on random number generation.

These are tested to make sure they meet the fairness standards.

The software provider’s games use colorful 2D artwork.

It also uses a unique slot cabinet border to make it seem like your computer is an actual slot machine.